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About Us:

We are a VOLUNTARY MOTOR SPORT RESCUE MARSHALS group, who through a common interest in motor sport safety have come together to form several self-financed specialist units for use at virtually all types of organised 4 wheel motor sports events run throughout the UK. As we’re all volunteers, the criteria we would look for in a person interested in motor sport rescue activities would loosely fit the profile of (see the rescue volunteers & training page for greater detail):

If you have the ability to cope with a fairly steep learning curve, gaining experience with mechanical cutting plus medical stabilisation & extrication devices amongst many other specialist motor sport rescue skills. Is prepared to give up one or two days per month to training / crewing and gain experience on a rescue unit / stage safety unit at motor sports events varying from Autocross to Race, through Rally and Speed including Competition Safari’s and Hill Rallies across England, Wales and Scotland. Once assessed and gaining full license accreditation, converting the same number of days (or greater if so desired) to unit crewing, this maybe for you.

Additionally we also provide medical cover for Equine and Athletic events.  

Within our voluntary group we currently have access to:

A Motorsport UK licensed Rescue Ambulance: 
Cobalt Rescue [4x4 Land Rover 130 based]

A Motorsport UK licensed (heavy) Recovery Unit: 
Rutland Recovery (4x4 Land Rover 110 based)

A Motorpsort UK licensed (heavy) Recovery unit: 
Tiger Recovery (4x4 Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE based)

An Event Medical Unit (based around an ambulance): 
Emu [4x2 Renault Master based]

In addition for motor sport organisers who want a more complete motor sports safety package we can also provide:

A Motorsport UK licensed Clerk of the Course – Stage Rally National B
A Motorsport UK licensed Clerk of the Course – Speed National B

Several Motorsport UK licensed Rescue Marshals

Several Motorsport UK Licensed Recovery Marshals
A Motorsport UK lead trainer

A Motorsport UK licensed radio controller (Kestrel control) for single and multi-venue events
A Motorsport UK licensed Safety Car Crew
A Motorsport UK registered Buddy Trainer (for both Race and Rally)

A Motorsport UK Radio Marshal Crew - Toyota RAV 4 [4x4] call sign Platinum

A Motorsport UK Radio Marshal Crew - Land Rover 110 [4x4] call sign Rutland

These units are located at various locations around the UK and will happily cover all areas of the UK.  For details of units on the Rescue Services Rutland inventory please send a message via our contact page or ring us and we'll deal with your enquiry as quickly as we can.

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