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Cobalt Rescue

While Cobalt Rescue has been set up as a motor sport rescue ambulance it must not be forgotten that the unit is not a business and that those involved are volunteers undertaking a sport they enjoy out of their own pockets.

This unit is located in the East Midlands area and will happily cover all of the UK mainland, plus the islands of Anglesey, Mull and Man. For details of units on the Rescue Services inventory please send a message via our contact page or ring us and we'll deal with your enquiry as quickly as we can.

Cobalt rescue carries a lot of the equipment found on county fire service rescue tenders including, fire fighting media and a combined hydraulic cutting and spreading (combination) tool. Similarly, it also carries a comprehensive range of equipment similar to that of front line ambulances, tuned for the motor sport environment.

A comprehensive range of communications systems is available including SMMC 69 (for events north of the border including the Isle of Mull), rally 81, race 169 and Rescue Services inter-safety unit radio system to link it with our other group members plus a 2m / 70cm amateur radio for long distance events such as hill rallies, endurance rallies, etc.

Cobalt Rescue is designed to integrate with the associated with other Rescue Services Rutland group member including our Event Medical Unit (EMU) a standard road ambulance. 

Is based on a Land Rover Defender (Quad-tech bodied) with a standard naturally aspirated 3.5 V8 petrol engine with an LPG conversion; Given its multi-surface flexibility combined with a V8 engine and auto box, it has proved very useful at all other types of events and covers every kind of 4 wheel motor sport event from clubman Competition Safari’s through to International races such as the World Endurance Championship (UK).

Cobalt Rescue is typically crewed with up to 5 persons plus usually including a Paramedic or occasionally a Doctor. All the rescue crew are trained in first aid plus the use of pre-hospital medical gases of Oxygen and Entonox including the use of the unit Automated External Defibrillator (AED).