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Oakham, United Kingdom

​​​rescue services Rutland

Within our voluntary motor sport group we currently have access to:

1 MSA licensed Rescue Ambulance (doubles as an off-road ambulance for equine and athletic events)
Cobalt Rescue [4x4 Land Rover 130 based]

1 MSA licensed (heavy) Recovery unit: 
Rutland Recovery (4x4 Land Rover 110 based)

1 MSA licensed (heavy) Recovery unit: 
Tiger Recovery [4x4 Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE based]

1 Ambulance (Event Medical Unit): 
Emu [4x2 Renault Master based]

In addition for motor sport organisers who want a more complete motor sports safety package we can also field:
An MSA licensed Clerk of the Course – Stage Rally National B
An MSA licensed Clerk of the Course – Speed National B

MSA licensed Rescue Marshals (up to 6)
An MSA licensed lead trainer

An MSA licensed radio controller (Kestrel control) for single and multi-venue events
An MSA registered Buddy Trainer (for both Race and Rally)

MSA Radio Marshal Crews of:

Toyota RAV 4 - call sign Platinum

Land Rover 110 - call sign Rutland