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Tiger Recovery is a 2013 Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE. This vehicle replaces our Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 as it provides us with creature comforts such as heated front and rear seats and air conditioning.

The vehicle is fitted with a split charge facility and a separate leisure battery to power the winch, beacons and radios so we are not reliant on the main vehicle battery. The winch fitted is a Superwinch Talon rated at 12,500lb. We have also upgraded the underbody protection with rock sliders, sump guard and compressor guard. The standard tyres have been replaced with Goodyear Duratracs which allow us to traverse tougher terrain than normal.

The kit we carry allows us to support the Rescue unit during incidents that require us and we can recover cars that are a long way from the stages.

We are equipped with both MSA and Dual band amateur radios which give us coverage for events and also communications with other vehicles in the group. The Dual band radio is configured for VHF and UHF as well as some general purpose PMR radio frequencies so we can talk to marshals as necessary. If necessary, we also carry a CB radio.

We carry full lift equipment for 4 wheel drive rally cars in addition to the Harvey Frost crane we tow behind the unit. This allows us to provide a suspended tow either front or rear to the casualty vehicle even if it doesn't have wheels left. We also have a set of Collins/In the Ditch Dollies which allow us to support the other wheels of a vehicle if the transmission has seized.

While Tiger Recovery has been set up as a Motor Sport Recovery Unit it must be remembered that we are not a business and that we are involved as volunteers undertaking a sport we enjoy out of our own pockets.

This unit is located in the Warwickshire area and will happily cover all of the UK mainland, plus the islands of Anglesey, Mull and Man.

TIGER Recovery