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Rescue Services Rutland Profile


Rescue Services Rutland (RSR) are a VOLUNTEER motorsport safety group, who have come together to form a loose group of enthusiasts specialising in either Rescue or Recovery aspects across a broad spectrum of 4-wheel sport, amongst which are events such as MSUK permit Race, Rally, Sprints, Competition Safaris, Autocross, etc. Working and training together to get the best out of an integrated safety team response.


All the rescue crew are trained in the use of pre-hospital medical gases of Oxygen and Entonox plus the use of the unit Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Cobalt Rescue carries a lot of the equipment found on county fire service rescue tenders including, fire fighting media and a combined hydraulic cutting and spreading tool. Similarly, it also carries a comprehensive range of equipment similar to that of front line ambulances, tuned for the motor sport environment.

Ranges of communications systems are available including rally 81, SMMC 69, race 169, Rescue Services inter-safety unit radio system to link it with our other Rescue Unit, Stage Safety Unit and Recovery unit.

Cobalt Rescue is designed to integrate with the associated Rescue Services Stage Safety Unit (SSU) Sandy Response plus Tiger Recovery. The SSU carries similar medical equipment along with the same rescue trained crews is very handy for organisers looking for a comprehensive standardised safety package.

While the units have been set up to cater for motorsport, it must not be forgotten that each unit is not a business, and that those involved are volunteers undertaking a sport they enjoy out of their own pockets.

Additionally, for motor sport organisers who want a more complete motor sports safety package we can field an:

MSUK licensed Clerk of the Course – Stage Rally National (old Inter Club, older old National B, even older Restricted)
MSUK licensed Clerk of the Course – Speed National (old Inter Club, older National B, even older Restricted)
MSUK Trainer

MSUK Safety car crew

MSUK licensed radio operator(s)
MSUK licensed radio controller for single and multi-venue events

Units are located in the Midlands area and will happily cover all of the UK. For details of this unit and the others on the Rescue Services inventory please use the contact us page and we'll deal with your inquiry as quickly as we can.